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Our Horses

We have horses to suit all levels, and all abilities. All our horses have superb temprements and are mostly homebred, although we also have HighlandX, 2x ISH, TB, IDxW & Warmblood. Heights rage from 16.1 down to foal size, ages 16 to 6 months, colours go from pitch black to bright white & lots in between, including chestnut, bay & piebald.

If interested in renewing & indulging your passion for horses contact us at the Mill of Strachan, Strachan by Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

Feed & Tack Shop

We also have a small TACK SHOP supplying the horsey essentials, & a FEED SHOP supplying all animal feed stuffs, bird food  & pet food.

Some of our horses




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