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Contact & Testimonials for Mill of Strachan

Mill of Strachan  By Banchory  Aberdeenshire  AB31 6NS Scotland  


email: tricia.ingoodco@gmail.com OR info@millofstrachan.co.uk


OMG Freya ( Foxy) was AMAZING. Still in touch with her now. She made so many people so delighted. I could have ridden that horse all day long. She had the best mane I have ever seen.
If I didn't have so may I would buy Staffa in a second. Seriously. I wish I had the money, I really, really do. I would love to meet Staffa.
So sad (LOCHAN) is gone, but he has left a fabulous legacy. You should be SO proud. Foxy will live on in the hearts of every kid i taught at Wildrides. When she left, myself and one of the grooms watched her out of sight and said "there goes Wildrides right there" without her it would never have existed. Some of the best rides of my life were on her and she taught me masses about how to work with extroverted horses.
S xx

I would like to thank Trish and Helen for a fantastic job they did with a difficult young horse called Inclan which they kindly took on board when many people would not have done so ...They treated him calmly and kindly taking things slowly, one step at a time which is what this boy needed and it paid off! He was returned to me in very good condition and a much more relaxed and happier horse which meant I was able to re-home him....He now has a fantastic home with a stunt rider and a very good future ahead of him... so a big thank you girls and keep up the good work!  I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting professional schooling and training of their horses.         Dawn Birks of Andalusian Horses Direct   

"After having a break from riding for more than 10 years I wanted to be involved with horses again.  The Mill of Strachan has been the perfect solution -  I don't have the commitment of horse owning but I have much more freedom than I would get at a riding school.  There are a variety of horses all with a super nature and different personalities and, most importantly, all very happy and healthy.  The Mill is so flexible - you can ride out on your own at a time that suits or arrange to meet other Club members to ride out together.  The area surrounding the Mill is beautiful with lots of hacking trails to choose from.  I've also gained the confidence to start jumping again and I've had the opportunity to ride one of the horses in the local Banchory Show!  I would definitely recommend the Mill to those who love being involved with horses."                      Gillian Curry 'Sharer' since 2010

 “The Mill really is the perfect solution for people who would love to have a horse of their own but just don’t have the time or the money for such a commitment.  Or if you’re just bored of going around in circles at a riding school - this is a brilliant alternative! I joined the Mill after a long break from riding when my enthusiasm was high but my confidence was low – I hadn’t been on a horse in years!  The other riding club members took me out and showed me some of the trekking routes, which were through beautiful countryside, and after a few rides I was properly back in the swing of things.  Over my time at the Mill my confidence has soared and I’ve had a great time rediscovering jumping and galloping around!  I’ve also suffered the sore bum consequences of rediscovering the 3 hr trek!!  It’s so hard to resist staying in the saddle when the horses are so lovely and the countryside so stunning.  The horses are all lovely natured and have different abilities and personalities to suit all.  The other members of the club are really friendly and it’s really nice to arrange a meet up so you can ride together, but equally everyone is flexible to allow solo riding if that’s what you’re looking for.  I love it!”  Lucy Oddie 'sharer' since 2010

‘I have now been riding at the Mill for 2 years and love it. It has really revitalised my passion for horses.  Tricia and Helen are both fantastic, friendly and welcoming. Now all that is on my mind is horses - I'm even dreaming about them at night!  I would highly recommend them for their experience and kind, compassionate horsemanship. If you are looking for a horse to buy, sell, livery, or rehabilitate your horse then I would seriously consider Mill of Strachan to be top of the list of places to go.’      Kira Duckworth  'Sharer & now proud owner'!  December 2009

We have to give a big thanks to both Trish and Helen for all the fab work that they done with our young horse, Morgan. They done extensive training with him and turned him into a super horse for eventing and showing.  Also it was great to know that when I went on holiday I was able to put my two mares Luceria and Marie & my friends gelding, Aztec over to the Mill of Strachan and they where well looked after and exercised regularly. While we were on holiday we found out that a new horse we had bought was being delivered earlier than expected and it was no bother for Trish and Helen to look after Electra when she arrived from Spain until we returned home.
 If you are thinking of a yard then seriously consider Mill of Strachan for buying, training etc

Annette & Tony Dean of  Aberdeenshire Horse Boxes




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